Epic 10 - Total Package

Epic 10 - Total Package

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Epic 10 - Total Package

SKU: 7400042-A

Test Drive the epic™

Up to 10 Watts of peak power!

All the Power and Versatility You Need in a Small Package.

The minimally invasive EPIC 10 is the most clinically versatile diode laser available.

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Total Package:
7400042 - Epic 10 Laser only
6400311 - Deep Tissue Handpiece
7400022 - Whitening Handpiece
7400030 - Whitening Gel

1. Laser Console (lithium ion battery
pack already installed)
2. Screen Protectors box (Peel-off
clear screen cover - qty. 30)
3. Delivery System box
4. Tips box
5. Surgical Handpiece box (contains
two (2) Surgical Handpieces)
6. Three (3) pairs of protective laser
eyewear (two (2) pairs of doctor
safety glasses, one (1) pair of
darker patient safety glasses)
7. DC power supply and power cord
(one (1) US and one (1)
8. User Manual
9. Welcome Kit (Welcome Letter,
BIOLASE store information, Quick
Setup Guide, Guide to Online
Training & Product Registration
Card, Tip User Guide, Limited
Warranty Information)
10. Laser Warning Sign
11. Tip Initiation Kit
12. Remote Interlock cable
13. Philips-head screwdriver (for
installing Footswitch batteries)
14. Footswitch
15. AAA batteries (2)