Waterlase iPlus, Racing Red

Waterlase iPlus, Racing Red

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Waterlase iPlus, Racing Red

SKU: 7200854-02


All-Tissue Dental Laser

  • Expanded applications for Perio and Endo

  • Breaks the dental speed barrier

  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination

  • Ergonomically designed for infinite productivity

  • Fastest Return of Investment



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LEARN THE TECHNIQUE - REPAIR Perio Protocol (Biolase website)


Choose Your Waterlase iPlus Color

Waterlase iPlus is available in 11 different colors and a collection of unique themed finishes. No matter your practice decor, there is a version of Waterlase iPlus that will complement your operatory nicely. Choose your Waterlase color and become a Waterlase Dentist today.



Water Lase iPlus 2.0 Dental Laser System
1 x 6201330 WaterLase iPlus Accessory and Delivery System Kit 
1 x 6200150 WaterLase iPlus Footswitch 
1 x 5700000 Product Registration Card 
1 x 5700003 Limited Warranty Statement 
1 x 5200158 User Manual (English) 
1 x 2200696 Protective Eyewear - Multi-wave length (for Patient) 
1 x 2200848 Protective Eyewear - Multi-wave length (for Dentist) 
1 x 2000204 USA Power Cord (Hospital-grade) 
1 x 5201281 Laser Danger Sign 
1 x 2200485 International Power Cord (Hospital-grade) 
1 x 6200146 Fiber Support 
1 x 6001029 Yellow Air Tube 
1 x 2200706 Protective Display Covers 
1 x 6400431 Carton - Accessory and Delivery System Kit 
1 x 5201278 Carton Label - Accessory and Delivery System Kit 
1 x 6201515 Sure Shot iPlus Trunk Fibre 
1 x 6200500 WaterLase Gold Handpiece Kit 
1 x 6201126 WaterLase Turbo Handpiece Kit 
1 x 7000414 WaterLase Tip Holder 
1 x 7200104 WaterLase Tip Inspection & Cleaning Kit 
7200831 WaterLase Tip Starter Kit
Includes 20 total tips:
(1) MC3 9mm 300μm (flat tip)
(4) MZ5 6mm 500μm
(2) MZ5 9mm 500μm
(2) MZ6 6mm 600μm
(1) MZ6 9mm 600μm
(3) MZ8 6mm 800μm
(2) MZ10 6mm 1,000μm
(1) MT4 6mm (tapered tip)
(2) RFPT5 14mm (radial firing periodontal tip)
(1) RFT2 21mm (radial firing endo tip)
(1) RFT2 25mm (radial firing endo tip)