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SKU: M695S

The SECULIFE IF+ is intended for testing the
flow rate values of intravenous infusion pumps,
in order to assure flawless functioning.

All tests are controlled by a microprocessor which
calculates and displays the results.

The fluid path is free of obstacles, which makes
cleaning easy. The tubing is made of plastic instead
of glass, thus making it more rugged. The cables
and chambers are replaceable.

- Simultaneous testing of two infusion pumps
- Two chamber sizes (3.5 and 35 ml)
- Ranges: 0 to 999.9 ml per hour and 0 to 9999 ml
per hour
- ±1% deviation from the measured flow rate value
- Digital calibration – no potentiometers to adjust
- Sealed fill-level sensors
- Manual or automatic test start can be programmed

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Precision pressure gauge is a top quality measuring instrument for the detection of positive and negative pressure in compatible liquids and gases.
The utilized LCD is distinguished by good legibility. The instrument is equipped with an RS 232 port for data communication and offers the additional option of Min-Max measurement.

The SECULIFE DP BASE is digitally calibrated and features excellent accuracy, namely 0.1% of the overall display.

Measuring ranges:
13.50 to 100.00 psi
701 to 5190 mm Hg at 20 °C
951 to 7043 cm H2O at 20 °C
374 to 2773 inches H2O at 20 °C

- ± 0.1% pressure measuring accuracy
- 5 digit LCD display
- Programmable digital filter
- Digital calibration and zero adjustment
- Male Luer connector
- Pressure measurement in liquids and gases
- Min-Max capture function
- RS 232 port