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  • VIO® 3 Electrosurgical Unit

    • Superior ease of use: Plug and operate
    • Logical, convenient and visual operator guidance (stepGUIDE)
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  • Hybrid Knife, I-Type, Box/5

    - No change of instrument necessary, thus shorter operating times - Separation medium can be replenished quickly at any time - Mechanical and thermal protective function of water cushion is preserved throughout the entire process of resection - Good view of the operating site: risk of bleeding is minimized (blood vessels are compressed by the water cushion) - Waterjet pressure can be adjusted depending on lesion, tissue layer and area of application
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  • APC 3 Argon Plasma Coagulator Unit

    - Argon plasma coagulation with the operating convenience of the logical and plausible VIO 3 interface

    - Plug and operate, insert the instrument to immediately begin working with the APC application

    - pulsedAPC and forcedAPC finely adjustable with 100-step effect setting

    - preciseAPC, the new mode for the lower power range and sensitive structures

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  • Epic Pro Laser System

    NEW   Premium Diode Laser from BIOLASE

    Soft-Tissue Management Redefined

    Epic Pro is the first premier diode laser in dentistry and offers the most power of any diode on the market.
    Providing truly unique features for managing tissue more gently.

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  • Waterlase iPlus, Racing Red

    All-Tissue Laser

    • Expanded applications for Perio and Endo
    • Breaks the dental speed barrier
    • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
    • Ergonomically designed for infinite productivity
    • Fastest Return of Investment


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  • ERBEJET® 2

    ERBEJET® 2 Water Jet Surgical Unit

    Water-jet precision for tissue selective dissection

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