Biolase Waterlase One-Day Training Course

iPlus WaterlaseOne-day Training Course focuses on all aspects of laser-assisted dentistry.

Combination of lecture, laser hands-on with extracted teeth and animal jaws.

I. Practice Implementation;

a) Patient & Staff Buy In

b) Marketing

II. Laser Energy & Safety

III. Complete Laser System Overview;

a) Buttonology

b) Tip Selection & Tip Cleaning

c) Mirror Replacement

d) Trouble Shooting

IV. 7 Fundamental Er;CR;YSGG Laser Procedures;

a) Laser Soft Tissue Biopsy

b) Laser Class I & V Cavity Preparations

c) Laser Gingivectomy/Gingival Recontouring

d) Laser Frenectomy/CSF

e) Laser Osseous Crown Lengthening

f) Laser Troughing for C & B Impressions

g) Endo Disinfection with the new Radial Firing Tips

h) Introduction to REPaiR Perio Protocol