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  • VIO® 3 Electrosurgical Unit

    By ERBE

    • Superior ease of use: Plug and operate
    • Logical, convenient and visual operator guidance (stepGUIDE)
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  • APC 3 Argon Plasma Coagulator Unit

    By ERBE

    - Argon plasma coagulation with the operating convenience of the logical and plausible VIO 3 interface

    - Plug and operate, insert the instrument to immediately begin working with the APC application

    - pulsedAPC and forcedAPC finely adjustable with 100-step effect setting

    - preciseAPC, the new mode for the lower power range and sensitive structures

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  • ERBEJET® 2

    By ERBE

    ERBEJET® 2 Water Jet Surgical Unit

    Water-jet precision for tissue selective dissection

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  • Hybrid Knife, I-Type, Box/5

    By ERBE

    - No change of instrument necessary, thus shorter operating times - Separation medium can be replenished quickly at any time - Mechanical and thermal protective function of water cushion is preserved throughout the entire process of resection - Good view of the operating site: risk of bleeding is minimized (blood vessels are compressed by the water cushion) - Waterjet pressure can be adjusted depending on lesion, tissue layer and area of application

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