Procedure for Cancellation, Claims & Return of Goods

Procedure for Cancellation, Claims & Return of Goods


1.1. Due to our commitment to our own suppliers of goods Bio Serve do not accept cancellation of your order after purchase. By submitting an order you confirm that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

We will send you an e-mail to confirm that we have received and accepted your order, which indicates that your order has been accepted and you may not cancel it. We will deduct payment from your credit card when we accept your order.

Please choose carefully as due to the nature of our products Bio Serve do not provide refunds, with exception to manufacturer defect;


2.1. We will at our option replace or give a credit to you for any goods which contain a manufacturing defect if:

2.1.1. You advise us of your claim within 14 days of receiving the goods, quoting the despatch number and/or invoice number where appropriate.

2.1.2. Your claim identifies the manufacturing defect, and the nature of your claim.

2.1.3. You obtain our consent to the return of the goods, prior to returning the goods to us.

2.1.4. The goods are returned to us in the same condition in which they were received by you.

2.1.5. You will pay for the cost of returning the goods.

2.1.6. You will pay our handling fee.

2.2. If you dispute any item or amount contained in any invoice, you must advise us of such a claim within 30 days after receipt of that invoice. If you fail to give us such notice you will be deemed to have accepted the contents of the respective invoice.

3. Refunds

3.1. We will only be liable to you for the shortfalls, losses, damage or failure to meet specifications where you have notified us of those matters within 7 days of taking delivery.

3.2. Goods which do meet your order may not be returned to us unless:

3.2.1. We have agreed in writing that they may be returned.

3.2.2. You have not had the goods for more than 14 days.

3.2.3. You will pay for the cost of returning the goods.

3.2.4. You pay our handling and restocking fee which is equal to 25% of the invoiced price for the goods, or the current price of the goods (whichever is lesser).

3.2.5. You provide us with the date and number of the invoice(s) accompanying the goods.

3.2.6. You have notified us in writing in accordance with clause 10.1.

3.3. Upon the satisfaction of all the conditions in clause 10.2 we may elect at our option to either:

3.3.1. Replace the goods; or

3.3.2. Refund the purchase price for those goods returned; or

3.3.3. Give you a credit for those goods returned.


Please read full website Terms & Conditions for our Returns and Refunds policy