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Free Dental Webinar: Frenectomies for Infants with an All-Tissue Laser (Part #1)

6 months ago

FREE Live Webinar courtesy of BioLase

Course Overview: Frenectomies are a hot topic right now in pediatric oral care. A tongue tie can cause issues with feeding at birth. In this lecture we will discuss age appropriate indications for frenectomies in infants. We will also look at step-by-step techniques for tongue tie releases with an all-tissue laser.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify indications for infant frenectomy treatment of tongue ties
  • Utilize a pre-op and post-op assessment tool for infant and maternal symptoms
  • Create a step-by-step technique for infant frenectomies with All-Tissue Lasers

Date/Time: Fri 16th Feb, 2-3pm NZ time (Thurs 15th Feb, 5-6pm PT)

Registration link: register now

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